My passion for creating is reflected in what I do both on and off a computer. I have 10+ years working in graphic design and am currently a Designer at HowStuffWorks. Most of my own time is spent on illustration and painting as well as creating linoprints, cut paper dioramas, collages, and more recently, murals. My work is inspired and shaped by lifelong interests in science fiction, space exploration, color, creatures (real and fictitious), and includes themes that relate to my introspective nature and our connections between each other and the world around us. 

I enjoy working and collaborating with fellow artists and am a member of the artist collective, Lotus Eaters Club, at Mutiny Artwrx, the home of our studio. An Atlanta transplant, I have quickly fallen in love with the city and with such an amazingly supportive art community, I'm excited to see what comes next.
Pam Peacock 

Atlanta, GA

Find me at the Lotus Eaters Club studio at Mutiny Artwrx
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